Note to myself in 2020

I’m gonna start this by saying how weird i feel this is and really white-people-ish but I have to go a head and write it. I’m assuming I will find it amusing in 6 that I thought and actually wrote this and will actually like laugh a lot about this. and make jokes, reminisce and all that shit that rhymes.

Okay, now as I write this, Im torn on a few, nuh actually a lot of things and I will list a few and may be you (my 2020 self) will get a good time out of this.

First I don’t trust that I will not read this till 2020 and  i wish I could, but hey it’s my stuff and whatever happens to it has me in the biggest part of the Equation. So here we go. I wont go in to greeting myself because that is so cliche` and I don’t do cliches as of when I wrote this.

Other things I don’t do are many, and I hope i don’t do then ever because my mind is still bent on them being bad or selfish or at times unclear. Right now I dont give a crap about a lot of things and I have reason, I hope You now try giving a crap and being more sensible by now. I have reasons why I don’t give a crap but putting them out is like sending you to prison for until four more years from now. and we are getting all our internet activity tracked by governments. lots of shit happening here man.

Right now the Ugandan government sucks, I really hope you are in like silicon valley coding and having friends in Compton. (okay that’s a joke). Museveni and his boys and girls are like real dicks and the economy sucks big time. It’s hard to escape being broke in Uganda. All people I know are pissed off at the situation. How it is in that time is a ?uestion.

And now the people, are you like friends with a new breed of people (invent them and have patents) who you would never have been friends with in 2014.? how are all the old G’s. what has really changed. how of the fuckers?. Kasinga? Okay every thing that made a lil bit of sense in 2014. has anything major happened that I would have gone really bonkers about, but you didn’t coz you are mature and shit?

Okay now the last one, all those ideas, how far? have you like done most shit and gotten a load of money off that? do you still have that awesome train of thought. mentality and mindset. you still think life is a bitch and get confused about some super crazy shit. Was the malaysian plane found? or did Runyindo ever return the nokia Asha 305.? How are devices nowadays (don’t say you don’t know anymore). what is the latest iPhone and how is that legendary dell inspiron 15R?. What is the craziest thing you have done in the last few months? I wont ask about you personal life because i know the rules.

As I go, I hope you still love Jeans and nike shoes. cook rice weirdly, read books and have fun. And quiet alone time. Me and you know this is nothing of the 22 years but at least it got you thinking and hopefully smiling like douche. Wait you still love movies? and rap music? is Eminem still your role model? he better be, or we gonna have fucking problem. okay now Im gone, but I will write you more of these. Its actually fun and i think really stupid. I didnt put people because *in strange silly voice* We are watched and I dont know wtf? to say and who to not leave out. okay bye. Do hashtags still exist?


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